For marketers, creating content and generating ideas on a schedule is often a daunting task, but a task that is critical to their overall marketing strategy. One way to circumvent this issue is to approach content idea generation by having different frameworks, which will avoid repetitiveness in your output. In boxing terminology, you can focus on knockouts when writing your content. Tell a story and quote customer testimonials as a focus on your product’s value. You can even promote companies making complimentary products. Open the doors of your company to the outside world by highlighting employee profiles and company mission. Emphasize important events through reports and offer training on new products to your customers. Do not neglect the power of information, so educating your customers through interviews with industry leaders, insider tips and resources becomes an important part of your strategy.

Key Takeaways:

“You’re stuck with limited material when you need to develop many different articles that help boxers and boxing enthusiasts find your merchandise.”

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